Web Developer specialising in Front-End Development & JavaScript Full-Stack.


React Native app and Express API. Pedal want to make city cycling easier, starting by showing places to lock bikes and local crime data.
Tech: React Native, Express, MongoDB, SASS, Google Places API, Git, Gitlab CI
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Front-end for Laravel-based e-commerce store. ModeAudio produce and sell audio loops, samples and synth presets which they sell online.
Tech: Laravel (PHP), jQuery, SASS, Grunt, MySQL, SoundCloud API, Git
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Vivo Me (web)

AngularJS web app. Vivo Me is a skills-building platform which features user-generated content, gamification elements, social networking, competitions, challenges and more.
Tech: Angular, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SASS, Grunt, Vagrant, Git
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Vivo Me (mobile)

Ionic/Cordova mobile app. A simplified mobile version of Vivo Me (see above) which unfortunately is no longer available on the app store.
Tech: Angular, Ionic, Cordova, Gulp, SASS, Git

Vivo Edge

AngularJS web app. Vivo Edge is Vivo's platform for schools and teachers who use it in their classrooms to engage students and reward good behaviour and hard work.
Tech: Angular, SASS, Grunt, Wordpress Rest API, Jenkins, Git
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Net Communities

Wordpress site. Company website for Net Communities - part advertising agency and part online publisher.
Tech: Wordpress, SASS, jQuery, Gulp, Mercurial
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Wimbledon Insights

Wordpress site for IBM to promote their analytics technology during the Wimbledon tennis tournament and gain insights through live data feeds, articles & case studies.
Tech: Wordpress, SASS, jQuery, Grunt, Mercurial
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Lenovo Inspire Me

Wordpress site for Lenovo Yoga competition which featured creatives and startup founders talking about their inspirations.
Tech: Wordpress, SASS, jQuery, Grunt, Mercurial
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